Sprained and twisted ankles, ankle and foot surgery rehabilitation.

Knee injuries such as MCL damage, kneecap tracking issues, cartilage injuries, torn hamstrings

Total and partial knee replacements 

Prehab and Rehab for surgical procedures such as ACL repairs, ITB problems,

Balance (proprioception) issues

Hip bursitis,OA hips, Hip replacements, ITB issues

Shoulders, Frozen shoulder, Rotator cuff issues, impingements, symptoms arising from muscle patterning and recruitment problems. Shoulder surgery rehabilitation

Tennis and Golfers elbows

Repetitive Strain Injuries (RSI) affecting the elbow and wrist

Work-related issues affecting the upper arm

Elbow surgery rehabilitation


Wrist sprains, post fracture rehabilitation, pre and post-surgical care, tailor-made splints

Pregnancy-related joint issues such as pubic symphysis, pelvic girdle pain, S-I joint, pre and postnatal postural adjustments

Care of all joints through mobilisation, stabilisation, rehabilitation, retraining programmes, pain relief modalities and education.