“I have been a very satisfied patient of South Cambridge Physio for over seven years usually for minor ailments. I am 78 years old and diabetic and I have always been treated with the utmost courtesy and respect by all the practitioners  that I have attended. More importantly I have always come away from a session feeling much better! “

David Mills

“South Cambridge Physiotherapy is an excellent practice.  The Receptionists are friendly and efficient.
Julie Nicholson is an exceptional physiotherapist and nothing is too much trouble for her.  I have had very good treatment for many years and am very happy to recommend her. “

Sarah Penn

“Highly recommended. Janet and her brilliant team have worked miracles on various horrible ailments I’ve had over the past few years. From tennis elbow, to a frozen neck, shoulder injury and sciatica. I’ve been gently and expertly brought back to full working order and living pain free! Effective Physio exercises to do at home are given with clear, easy to remember instructions. The whole team are friendly, welcoming, professional and I feel in extremely safe hands.” 

Chrissie Pepper

“Janet and her team are brilliant. Efficient booking system, friendly and helpful staff and very holistic in their approach. Go-to physios for things that stump other therapists! Couldn’t recommend them highly enough.” Diana Hall

“It’s unbelievable, following a good nights sleep, I awoke to a marginally stiff back which soon wore off. During the day I experienced no pain. I attended Pilates and exercised gently with care. I feel “so back to normal” that I’m feeling thrilled and content.” 

Megan Sammons

“This is the only physio practice I trust with my back and neck in the whole of Cambridge. Often been there when a complete wreck and came out human again. Highly recommended team of practitioners – each with their own speciality.”

 Laila Lofti

“Brilliant service, awesome staff such a hugely valuable resource of knowledge and help.” 

Darren Revell

“After several years of seeking help for a worsening condition, after my first appointment with Julie at South Cambs Physio there was significant improvement. I had not anticipated anything so immediate, but it has been maintained. I find Julie very helpful, her explanations of what causes the pain are clear and succinct, as is the rationale for the exercises she has given me. Her expertise and helpful approach have made a real difference to me and are very much appreciated.” 

Gillian Lang

“Received fantastic treatment following an injury that enabled me to get through a marathon 4 weeks later. Highly recommended.” 

Tony Wilkinson