Pelvic floor exercise equipment – what’s new?

pelvic floor exersize

There is a lot of media publicity at the moment about apps and devices to help train the pelvic floor muscles.  Amanda Savage and Nicola Day both specialise in helping men, women and children find and train their pelvic floor muscles to improve pelvic support.  They can offer proper assessment of the pelvic floor and a wide range of exercise & treatment options, including biofeedback training or muscle stimulation if needed.

If you would like to understand the difference between a pelvic floor stimulation machine and  pelvic floor biofeedback equipment, Amanda has written a guide to biofeedback & pelvic floor stimulation devices which you may find helpful.  Though hosted on her website which is aimed at postnatal women this information is similar for everyone.   She has also reviewed some of the apps available on iOS and Android phones to help you remember to exercise.

Please do not hesitate to contact Amanda or Nicola directly at South Cambridge Physiotherapy if you would like some personal advice.