That’s why a sheet of exercises or being told to ‘strengthen your core’ might not have worked for you so far.

antenatal backpain

We don’t believe you should exercise your abdominals/core if you have moderate to severe antenatal backpain – at least not until you have been assessed and understand the problem you are trying to correct through exercise.   If your pelvic alignment is wrong, then strengthening your core, at best won’t help and more likely will make you feel worse as you tighten your joints poorly aligned.  Similarly, if you have already tried tubigrip or a support belt and found them to be more uncomfortable than helpful, this is a clue to seek a full musculoskeletal assessment.

Once you have alignment and imbalances sorted out, abdominal, gluteal and posture exercises are absolutely wonderful for all pregnant women.  We have extensive experience of exercise and are fans of Pilates, yoga, barre work, and free weights too! We will work with you to develop the exercises that YOU ENJOY to ensure that they will be beneficial, safe and effective.

Amanda Savage, Hannah Maxey and Nicola Day all have postgraduate training in the management of pregnancy related problems.  Please do contact us by phone or email if you would like to discuss your personal situation further.

Useful free resources for antenatal backpain:

Our Professional Network for Pelvic, Obstetric and Gynaecological Physiotherapists (POGP) publish a free guide about exercising safely during pregnancy.

Supported Mums is a new website compiled by Amanda Savage with advice and exercises for new mothers to improve pelvic floor and abdominal conditioning as well as help you regain optimum bladder and bowel function.

The Pelvic Partnership are a charitable organisation providing support and information about Pelvic Girdle Pain.